Perpiglia & Thomas is a newly formed menswear fashion brand that focuses on infusing 1940’s style and culture with a new contemporary twist. Our devotion at Perpiglia & Thomas is to work with high quality natural and recycled materials to create a new concept of a ready-to-wear brand that combines vintage and contemporary styles.

We also design accessories, handmade in England and Italy. We create our specialist fabrics through the fusing of fibres and fabrics, predominantly Wool, Merino, Cashmere also other natural fibres. These undergo felting processes and bonding/fusing embroidery techniques to create our own fabrics. Colour at present is based on an achromatic and monochrome theme, as colour and feeling have a creative connection within Caribbean culture. Representation of the displacement of Caribbean communities into British culture and how they merged and the process of knitting represents integration and the mingling of styles and identities. Meshed together will stretch the limits of understanding of Black British culture and inspirations that have influence on current British culture.